path: root/hostapd/vlan_init.c
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* Added 'os_' prefix to common C library functions.Jouni Malinen2007-12-011-45/+42
| | | | Converted some printf() calls to use wpa_printf().
* Use NULL, not 0, with pointer types.Jouni Malinen2007-02-101-1/+2
* Replace os_strncpy/strncpy calls with os_strlcpy to start using a moreJouni Malinen2006-12-261-4/+4
| | | | | | | secure function for copying strings. Only couple of existing strncpy() cases actually forced NUL-termination separately after the operation. This is now done within os_strlcpy(), so no external code for this is needed anymore.
* Add preliminary code for dynamic reconfiguration of the various hostapdJouni Malinen2006-10-201-0/+11
| | | | | | modules. This code is not yet called, but eventually, these new reconfig handlers will be used to make sure that all runtime data is updated if the configuration is changed without restarting hostapd process.
* Merge more dynamic VLAN support from Devicescape hostapd. This commitJouni Malinen2006-09-291-0/+823
adds configuration options for enabling dynamic VLAN feature and basic functionality for adding and removing wireless VLAN interfaces and binding STAs to them based on RADIUS Access-Response attributes. This does not yet complete dynamic VLAN support since IEEE 802.1X and WPA authenticator state machines are not yet modified to create a new group key state machine for each new VLAN. (from Devicescape)