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* Replaced HOSTAPD_DEBUG() macro with wpa_printf() to get rid of the oldJouni Malinen2007-12-251-18/+15
* Added 'os_' prefix to common C library functions.Jouni Malinen2007-12-011-14/+14
* Simplified the interface between EAP Full Authenticator and EAPOL/AAA byJouni Malinen2007-11-261-2/+4
* Replaced remaining occurrences of wpa_zalloc() calls with os_zalloc() toJouni Malinen2007-05-271-1/+1
* Updated my email address jkmaline@cc.hut.fi to j@w1.fi since the HUTJouni Malinen2007-03-091-1/+1
* Moved l2_packet files from wpa_supplicant directory into a new directory,Jouni Malinen2007-02-251-2/+2
* Removed dependency on hostap_common.h (a part of Host AP driver) fromJouni Malinen2006-11-191-2/+4
* Fixed PMKSA cache update in the end of successful RSNJouni Malinen2006-09-131-3/+10
* Fixed a segmentation fault when RSN pre-authentication was completedJouni Malinen2006-06-201-6/+1
* Replaced "p = malloc(len); memset(p, 0, len);" constructions with aJouni Malinen2006-03-251-4/+2
* Moved PMKSA cache from struct hostapd_data into struct wpa_authenticator.Jouni Malinen2005-12-171-3/+3
* Moved pairwise, wpa, and wpa_key_mgmt variables from struct sta_infoJouni Malinen2005-12-171-1/+0
* Changed PMKSA cache implementation to be closer to wpa_supplicantJouni Malinen2005-12-131-1/+1
* Removed struct hostapd_data references from pmksa_cache.c by making itJouni Malinen2005-12-111-1/+6
* Moved RSN PMKSA cache into its own file, pmksa_cache.c, so thatJouni Malinen2005-12-101-0/+1
* Moved RSN pre-authentication into its own file, preauth.c, so thatJouni Malinen2005-12-101-0/+269