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* Do not use EAPOL Authentication key transmit state machine when STA isJouni Malinen2004-04-111-1/+2
* Added support for IEEE 802.11i/RSN pre-authentication:Jouni Malinen2004-04-041-0/+6
* Fixed interaction between EAPOL and WPA Authenticator state machinesJouni Malinen2004-03-311-1/+4
* Added keyRun and keyDone variables for the EAPOL state machines fromJouni Malinen2004-02-171-16/+21
* Start using new hostapd event logger in IEEE 802.1X code.Jouni Malinen2003-04-131-1/+6
* Modified event loop to use non-global eloop_ctx with timeouts and readJouni Malinen2003-04-131-4/+4
* Don't increase currentId if canned failure is not sent in DISCONNECTEDJouni Malinen2003-04-131-2/+3
* Moved portEnabled setting to later phase in EAPOL state machineJouni Malinen2003-04-051-1/+1
* Send canned EAP failure only when entering Auth PAE DISCONNECTED state fromJouni Malinen2003-04-051-1/+10
* Moved all configurable variables into separate structure as a preparationJouni Malinen2003-01-121-3/+4
* Do not use kernel header files when compiling user space program. hostapdJouni Malinen2002-12-221-4/+0
* Revert IEEE 802.1aa/D4 update for order of EAP Success and EAPOL-KeyJouni Malinen2002-12-101-3/+3
* Updated EAPOL state machines from IEEE 802.1x to IEEE 802.1aa/D4.Jouni Malinen2002-12-091-29/+59
* Added support for random default/broadcast WEP keys:Jouni Malinen2002-09-081-2/+1
* Fixed AUTH_PAE CONNECTING state to increment reAuthCount only once.Jouni Malinen2002-09-061-5/+3
* Added hostapd state dumping for getting debug and statisticsJouni Malinen2002-09-051-0/+173
* Implemented EAPOL state machine: Authenticator Key TransmitJouni Malinen2002-09-041-5/+53
* Implemented EAPOL state machine: Reauthentication Timer (defaults toJouni Malinen2002-09-041-6/+52
* Added full implementation of EAPOL state machines 'Port Timers',Jouni Malinen2002-09-041-0/+527