path: root/hostapd/driver_nl80211.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Replaced HOSTAPD_DEBUG() macro with wpa_printf() to get rid of the oldJouni Malinen2007-12-251-32/+25
* Removed HOSTAPD_DEBUG_COND() macro as a step towards getting rid ofJouni Malinen2007-12-251-12/+1
* hostapd: use nl80211 to set interface to master modeJohannes Berg2007-12-251-8/+31
* nl80211 driver: use nl80211 for station managementJohannes Berg2007-12-251-120/+251
* Minor coding style cleanup that I forgot to save before the previousJouni Malinen2007-12-251-1/+5
* nl80211 driver: use nl80211 for key informationJohannes Berg2007-12-251-32/+75
* nl80211 driver: use nl80211 for beaconsJohannes Berg2007-12-251-37/+110
* nl80211 driver: use nl80211 for keysJohannes Berg2007-12-251-29/+72
* nl80211 driver: remove Michael MIC failure codeJohannes Berg2007-12-251-20/+0
* nl80211 driver: receive EAPOL Frames on the data interfaceJohannes Berg2007-12-251-7/+116
* hostapd: rename driver_devicescape to driver_nl80211Johannes Berg2007-12-251-0/+2220