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Added information about the wifi# device and requirement for setting
interfaces up to enable the wlan card.
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@@ -235,6 +235,21 @@ that works with the driver after adding its manfid to the table,
please let me know the card manufacturer, model, and the manfid
numbers so that I can include them in the next release of the driver.
+Unlike most Linux network drivers, Host AP driver creates multiple
+network devices. wifi0 (or wifi# if you have multiple cards) is the
+"master interface" for the radio device. It uses IEEE 802.11 headers
+and is used internally by the driver to process frames to and from
+other interfaces. wlan0 is the default data interface. It is the
+interface that is used in most configurations, e.g., it is configured
+with an IP address and iwconfig commands can be used with it. When
+using WDS, each link will create a new virtual device (wlan0wds0).
+Please note that the current driver version enables the Prism2/2.5/3
+card only when at least one of the interfaces is set up (e.g., with
+'ifconfig wlan0 up'). The device is disabled when all interfaces are
+set down. This means that the card will not associate (in client mode)
+with an AP before at least one of the interfaces is set up.
The driver supports Linux Wireless Extensions and certain configuration
items can be viewed and changed with iwconfig(8) and iwpriv(8) from
wireless utilities, e.g., mode (AP/station; iwconfig's 'mode'),