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ChangeLog for Host AP driver for Intersil Prism2
+ * fixed a bug in AP's station list handling that may have resulted in
+ kernel crashes
+ * added RX rate statistics to AP's station information
+ * disabled WEP in Host AP mode since it does not work without
+ host driver implementation
+ * re-reset port when initializing card to fix some problems
+ with, e.g., D-Link DWL-650 with STA f/w 0.7.6 that did not start
+ Host AP mode correctly
+ * removed spin_lock for BAP1 since it is not really needed
+ * added code to support Linux kernel 2.2.x versions
+ * improved card reseting (it now uses COR software reset and
+ sets up proper port type after reset); this time I have even tested
+ reset code once ;-)
+ * added debug code to check BAP usage; I have seen odd error
+ scenarios with Compaq WL200 under high load (BAP becoming busy in
+ the middle of read sequence, read returning 0x8000 all the time even
+ though offset register is not busy, etc.); this debug code seems to
+ fix some problems and in addition it provides more debugging info
* fixed bugs in AP resource releasing when card configuration fails
@@ -7,7 +26,7 @@ ChangeLog for Host AP driver for Intersil Prism2
* fixed a bug in SIOCSIWFREQ ('iwconfig wlan0 freq' did not work)
* try to reset card on timeout situations
* added support for SIOCSIWNICKN and SIOCGIWNICKN
- * added suppor tfor dumping RX/TX frame headers
+ * added support for dumping RX/TX frame headers
('iwpriv wlan0 dump <bitfield>')
* added host-based TX rate control for Host AP mode
(STA f/w (at least v0.8.0) does not seem to handle TX rates properly,
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@@ -115,9 +115,10 @@ driver started.
The driver support Linux Wireless Extensions and certain configuration
items can be viewed and changed with iwconfig(8) and iwpriv(8) from
wireless utilities, e.g., mode (AP/station; iwconfig's 'mode'),
-channel (iwconfig's 'freq' or 'channel'), WEP (encryption; iwconfig's
-'key'), beacon interval (iwpriv's 'beacon_int'), and pseudo vs. normal
-IBSS (ad-hoc) mode (iwpriv's 'pseudo_ibss').
+channel (iwconfig's 'freq' or 'channel'), WEP (encryption,; iwconfig's
+'key'; however, WEP is not supported in Host AP mode), beacon interval
+(iwpriv's 'beacon_int'), and pseudo vs. normal IBSS (ad-hoc) mode
+(iwpriv's 'pseudo_ibss').
Bridging between wireless and wired networks