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seem to be able to reset PLX card properly (card needed host reboot)
- debug power saving mode in STA modes; RIDs are set based on iwconfig
configuration (but this is lost on hw reset), but the card does not really
- use PS mode
+ use PS mode (except with latest STA f/w..)
- Prism2.5 PCI and STA 1.3.4: UDP flood with netperf, payload 1330 .. 1420
results quite often in INFDROP events (tally overflow without new tally info
event??). INFDROPs will continue after this couple of times per second and
@@ -46,17 +46,7 @@
- figure out better way of indicating TX callback request/reply between kernel
driver and hostapd (using 802.11 header protocol field is not exactly nice..)
- implement more intelligent TX rate controlling
-- implement debug option for I/O macros: if defined, allocate a ring buffer for
- last N I/O operations (u16 reg; u16 val; 0x8000 in reg indicates read) and
- add ioctl for starting/stopping recording and proc file for reading the
- buffer; certain error cases might also stop recording automatically;
- could also use 0x2000 in reg to indicate special bookmark code and add that
- in beginning of setup_bap etc.; implement user space prog for parsing the
- dump file and printing user readable version of it; 0x4000 in reg could
- indicate 8-bit i/o; spec bookmark for interrupt; insw/outsw - no data shown
- remove expired APs more quickly
-- check when port_reset could be omitted after WEP key change (this would
- eliminate new authentication and would help at least .1x with Cisco AP)
- make sure that hostscan setting is re-set after card reset
- reuse prism2_tx code with prism2_tx_80211
- new module code should use try_module_get() for crypto modules
@@ -80,9 +70,6 @@
Received IAPP-ADD for STA 00:50:8b:46:94:52 (seq# 484) from
Removing STA 00:50:8b:46:94:52 due to IAPP-ADD notification from
IEEE 802.1X: station 00:50:8b:46:94:52 port disabled
-- hostapd: add support for configuring secondary RADIUS servers and automatic
- detection of RADIUS server status (i.e., use secondary server if primary is
- down)
- RX: use skb_copy() instead of skb_clone() when sending broadcast frames both
to wireless media and Linux net stack
- RX: could possibly remove one tasklet and use dev_queue_xmit() directly
@@ -123,3 +110,11 @@
- test Shared Key Authentication with kernel driver; it did not seem to succeed
(STA not found in auth_cb, or if STA was previously authenticated,
"authentication failure")
+- add new option to store RAM-downloaded STA f/w in the driver allocated
+ memory and download it automatically after COR sreset so that the new
+ version is not lost
+- add support for setting static broadcast WEP key for IEEE 802.1X
+- Xsupplicant and no RFC1042 header issues(?)
+ "Data frame with no RFC1042 header"
+ (couple of reports on hostap and xsupplicant mailing lists)
+- verify that enh_sec/SSID hide works correctly