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ChangeLog for Host AP driver for Intersil Prism2/2.5/3
+????-??-?? - v0.0.4
+ * moved non-hardware specific RX code from hostap_hw.c into a new file,
+ hostap_80211_rx.c and removed Prism2 RX descriptor dependency from
+ hostap_ap.c
+ * fixed number of compilation issues (RH9 kernel, *.mod files to local
+ directory, 2.4.x compilation with CONFIG_MODVERSIONS, external
+ pcmcia-cs)
+ * removed extra tasklet that was used with TX callback handler
+ * update basic rate set automaticallyt when changing supported rate set
+ * fixed compilation with Linux Wireless Extensions (CONFIG_NET_RADIO)
+ (this is not recommended, but should work now; it will limit driver
+ functionality)
+ * use less aggressive transmit rate decreasing algorithm
+ * fixed inactivity expiration of stations using power saving mode
+ * fixed sending of IEEE 802.1X frames to buffer them if STA is in power
+ saving mode
2003-05-18 - v0.0.3
* redesigned RADIUS client implementation
- share same client code for all Authentication and Accounting