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masterwpa_passphrase.exe linking needs -lgdi32 due to some changes in crypto codeJouni Malinen13 years
hostap_0_6_3hostap_0_6_3.zip  hostap_0_6_3.tar.gz  hostap_0_6_3.tar.bz2  Jouni Malinen13 years
hostap_0_5_10hostap_0_5_10.zip  hostap_0_5_10.tar.gz  hostap_0_5_10.tar.bz2  Jouni Malinen13 years
hostap_0_6_2hostap_0_6_2.zip  hostap_0_6_2.tar.gz  hostap_0_6_2.tar.bz2  Jouni Malinen13 years
hostap_0_5_9hostap_0_5_9.zip  hostap_0_5_9.tar.gz  hostap_0_5_9.tar.bz2  Jouni Malinen13 years
hostap_0_6_1hostap_0_6_1.zip  hostap_0_6_1.tar.gz  hostap_0_6_1.tar.bz2  Jouni Malinen13 years
hostap_0_5_8hostap_0_5_8.zip  hostap_0_5_8.tar.gz  hostap_0_5_8.tar.bz2  Jouni Malinen14 years
hostap_0_6_0hostap_0_6_0.zip  hostap_0_6_0.tar.gz  hostap_0_6_0.tar.bz2  Jouni Malinen14 years
git_importgit_import.zip  git_import.tar.gz  git_import.tar.bz2  Jouni Malinen14 years
hostap_0_0_1hostap_0_0_1.zip  hostap_0_0_1.tar.gz  hostap_0_0_1.tar.bz2  Jouni Malinen
hostap_0_0_2hostap_0_0_2.zip  hostap_0_0_2.tar.gz  hostap_0_0_2.tar.bz2  Jouni Malinen
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2001-11-06Code cleanup and small fixes, etc.prism2_gpl_2001_11_05Jouni Malinen1-8/+8
2001-11-05Updated to match current code.Jouni Malinen2-4/+24
2001-11-05Added an extra port disable/enable to hw configuration sinceJouni Malinen1-13/+20
2001-11-05Fixed setup_rids to set card's port type based on the mode thatJouni Malinen1-2/+9
2001-11-05Improved card reseting on timeout (use COR sreset).Jouni Malinen1-4/+17
2001-11-05Update card's porttype in IBSS mode change only if the card wasJouni Malinen1-6/+7
2001-11-05Run AP code only when in Host AP mode.Jouni Malinen1-4/+15
2001-11-05Do not allow WEP to be set in Host AP mode (it does not seem to beJouni Malinen1-0/+7
2001-11-05Try to re-read rxdesc/info frame header if highest bit in theJouni Malinen1-0/+38
2001-11-05Added debugging code to hfa384x_from_bap() for checking odd errorJouni Malinen1-1/+24