Re: 0.7.5 to 1.4.9 firmware upgrade??

From: Pedro Estrela (
Date: 2002-10-15 11:52:21 UTC

> > I'd like to know if it is possible/recommended to upgrade
> > them to a newer firmware (i.e. 1.4.9) or it would be
> > better to stick with the one it has now.
> If it isn't broken, why fix it.. I haven't seen 1.4.9 f/w for old Prism2
> cards (HFA3841). The latest version I have tested with such card is
> 1.3.4. Newer images might be available, but it might require some
> searching.

In my case, I'm only trying the latest firmware to test all possibilities before asking the list of my __real__ prism2 problem. Currently, with secondary 0.8.0 firmware (the most recent that compaq provides), I'm getting a massive amount of INFDROP events, under very high load conditions that I test IP DiffServ Quality of Service Traffic Control in 802.11 Downstream. (this traffic is generated in UDP, creating much more traffic than a flood ping).
Also, related to this problem, when these continous INFDROP events happen, I can't get new stations associated to the AP, as the ASSOC frame doesn't seem to get transmitted. This causes the station to send ASSOC frame every X seconds in a loop. Unfortunatelly, I also need Associations under these very high loads, to test both 802.11 handover and IP level handover (check or

However, i'm trying the latest firmwares for my old PCMCIA cards, to check if the situation improves before i try to rate-limit/packet-limit transmissions in the driver.

Pedro Estrela

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