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From: Victor Aleo (
Date: 2002-10-13 11:52:23 UTC

Jouni Malinen wrote:

>>Can I request (e.g., SNMP request) from the AP to the associated STA about this SCANRESULTSTABLE?
>Sure you can request that ;-), but the station in question should have some software running on the host system to reply to this.. Most probably standards STAs do not have support for this. There is some kind of protocol for asking the other end's signal quality and nick name etc.. However, I haven't seen any standard describing this so I'm not fully sure about the contents of the frames used for this query. Anyway, I do not think they include full scanning results.

Uhmm...What you mean by "some kind of protocol"? Is it inside the scope of 802.11? Because the only thing I need is to know (from the AP side) if the STA can reach more than one AP. Thus, if the STA can handover to another AP if it is rejected.

I have checked the MIBs in the standard, but there is no information about this point in the STA side. This is very annoying, because I would only need one bit field information in the MIB of the STA with the next meaning: "Is it possible to reach another AP?" Thus, the AP by SNMP could query the STAs and reject them (if function of a control admission) only if this bit (answer) was positive. Otherwise, the AP will not reject the STA because it won't be able to reassociate with another AP.

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