Re:802.1x problem

From: chlei Lei Chuan Hua (
Date: 2002-10-11 14:03:58 UTC

Thanks Jacques,

  I catch you clearly now. The reason why I ask you about this is that my company is ready to implement 802.1x with agere/orinoco cards. Before doing this, I have to study the feasibility and problems encoutered probably.   I still have one implementation detail to need to verify ,and I would like to ask Jouni. Of course, if you can give me some light, I will be very grateful.   Today, I have checked hostap 802.1x part. At the end of authentication success, AP will generate WEP key and it will encrypt WEP key using key pair from AS server, then send the encrypted WEP key with EAPOL-KEY message to the authenticated station. At the same time, AP will save the encrypted WEP key copy for decryption while receiving.   All that makes me confused is why AP saves the encrypted WEP key, not the unencrypted WEP key. Because I think when the station receives the encypted WEP key, it will decrypt the encrypted WEP key using the key from AS server. After that , AP and station will communicate with each other using the same pure WEP key.    Am I right? Jouni, could you clarify it for me?    Thanks Jacques and Jouni again.

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