Can hostap be used with tertiary AP firmware?

Date: 2002-10-11 07:27:28 UTC


I have a Prism2.5-based D-Link DWM-520 PCI card, that I recently without problems was able to use together with hostap to work as an access point. (I saw someone on this list mentioning possible issues with this card and WEP, but I haven't tried using WEP yet so I have so far seen no problems at all with using hostap with this card, it seems to work just great :-)

In order to better understand the access point functionality, I'm now interested in comparing the behaviour of the host-based hostap driver with a driver that runs the ap in the card firmware as a tertiary firmware (I do have access to such a firmware hex/binary file).

I was first thinking of comparing the hostap with the wlan-ng driver, but when I browsed the hostap code I found the stuff in the "hostap_download"-file, which I _think_ seems to cover more than just handling the PDA stuff(?)

So my questions are;
- Does the hostap driver also support downloading and initiating a
tertiary firmware?
- Does the hostap driver support working with a Prism2 chipset in
firmware ap mode?

If the answer to my second question is negative, could anyone give me a hint what it would take to get the hostap driver to work together with a tertiary firmware? Or would I be better off starting from some completely different codebase (e.g the wlan-ng stuff)?

Cheers, /Kjell

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