Demarctech card update.

From: Clint Todish (
Date: 2002-10-08 23:56:37 UTC

So...I decided to try the 180mw/-96dbm sensitivity card from

Started off sticking the Demarc card in a WinXP laptop that is used for a client. HostAP is running upstairs about 150' away using an SMC 2632W. I was *very* surprised at the results - I'm usually restricted to an area maybe 30' from the stairs leading up to the area where the AP lives
- with the demarc card in, the Intersil test utility showed almost
maxxed rx/tx bars roaming around the entire house and garage (raining today, so I didn't take it outside). WinXP shows '5 bars' throughout the entire house which I've never even seen before using a 2632W as a client. Now - the strange thing - using the exact same two cards, but switched - Demarc in the HostAP, SMC in the client - it was back to the old, barely usable state. Intersil's tools showed 20% max tx/rx at the base of the stairs and coverage blew in general. The Demarc has a snap off diversity antenna, so I'm going to try an external 9dbi omni when I get a pigtail, but I would have expected the performance to be similar with the reversed configuration using the internal antenna :(. Anyone have any idea why this might be happening? I don't think HostAP is messing with the power settings by default, so I doubt this is it.


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