Re: ap_bridge_packets

From: Jonathan Wood (
Date: 2002-10-01 23:14:53 UTC

> > I want to not allow some specific traffic between clients.
> > What exactly do the "ap_bridge_packets" parameter?
> ap_bridge_packets=1 (default) instructs the driver to bridge frames
> between two associated stations directly in the driver level (i.e.,
> they are not passed to higher levels of kernel networking stack). Set
> ap_bridge_packets=0 if you want to add some filtering and use Linux
> bridge code with netfilter hook to do the actual filtering.

How should I configure my bridge to do this?

I created a bridge and enslaved wlan0 to it, but no packets are bridged between two mobile stations. (This makes sense, since a bridge shouldn't forward packets back out the same interface on which they entered, right?)


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