TX errors to 00:00:...:00 with WDS

From: Michael Smith (msmith_at_cbnco.com)
Date: 2002-10-01 17:33:38 UTC


I've been messing around with a single-card repeater using HostAP from 2002-09-12. My setup looks like this:	<=>	<=>
D-Link DWL-520 (PCI)	Senao SL-2011CD		DWL-520

The AP's are set up as per the docs with 16 pre-allocated WDS links (to 00:00:00:00:00:00) brought up with no IP (, along with wlan0. wlan0 and wlan0wds[0-15] are in the bridge, which has spanning tree turned on. I'm also running RIPv2 on all interfaces.

Each time STP or RIP sends a packet on the inactive wlan0wds* interfaces, the hardware has to retry the packet until it fails. This makes data transfers even between the station and its closest AP very bursty - every two seconds, when STP sends a packet, the repeater chokes up with TX retries and the transfer stops.

My question: Would it make sense to have HostAP either drop all packets to an inactive WDS interface, or have it bring the interface up with no IP when the link is activated with a real AP partner?


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