Re: Speed problem with D-Link DWL-650

From: Jason Boxman (
Date: 2002-10-01 04:32:12 UTC

On Monday 30 September 2002 12:23 pm, Guido Augustowski wrote:
> Hi! I would like to know if someone has the same problem i have: When i set
> my D-Link DWL-650 as an Access Point, and I make a transfer from the APīs
> machine to a client, I canīt get more than 500 kB/s. I have a perfect link

No, that's about right. I've never gotten more than 600KB/s with regular 802.11b 11Mbit stuff. The 22Mbit is another story and another firmware.

> quality, and Iīve tryed with different channels. Apart from that, when I
> try to set the bit rate to 11M, iwconfig still shows me 5.5Mb/s. On the
> other hand, the clients connect to the AP at 11Mb/s. I think I should have
> something like 950 kB/s. Am I right?
> The AP is set on a RedHat 7.3, and the clients are in Windows, with the
> same DWL-650.

No, everything sounds fine to me. If you disable WEP, if it's enabled, or perhaps reduce the beacon frames to one a second, you might get a slight performance increase, or not. You could try that and see, but you've pretty much at the speed limit.

> Thanks for any answer.
> Guido



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