Symbol + WEP + hostap

From: ? (bondoli&
Date: 2002-09-27 08:31:25 UTC

I am using hostap-2002-05-19 on OpenAP and ap a couple of USR2450 ap.

Network is made by those ap and a couple of wireless Symbol Palm handelds powered by Spectrum 24 (that is 802.11b at 11Mb).

WEP works on properly set pcmcia wireless cards but doesn't work for my handelds.

Does anybody knows if "key exchange" and thus "key setting" for Symbol wireless
Palm are some kind of proprietary standard ?

I suspect this because if network is integrally made by Symbol devices (AP and
handelds) when WEP key is set on ap and this is rebooted, all devices are initially
kicked out of wireless network and, after a couple of minutes, they are associated with
In other words devices seems to pick up WEP key via wireless.

I tried to search if there are hidden settings on Symbol Palm but I seen nothing.
Does anybody experienced this ?

Answers welcome.

Alessandro Bondoli

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