Re: Multiple WMP11 prism 2 cards in one machine leads to garbled packets? Jouni, help please!

From: evert (
Date: 2002-09-24 23:11:17 UTC

Hi all,

Thanks for all responses.
We had major difficulties to get our backbone stable in this way since every Node excists out of a minimum of 3 Prism 2.5 cards. We started a trial with FreeBsd which seems to be stable for more then 2 weeks now with the packaged driver. The node is running perfectly, but we definately prefer linux with the Hostap driver from Jouni. So we'll be waiting for a suitable driver which is able to handle more then 3 cards under linux. I'm not an software engineer, but a dedicated RF Engineer, so i could not offer that much help Jouni.

If i can support you in any way please mail me.

Evert Verduin (that'll be pinks floyd's album )


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