Re: Delaying bridge creation

From: Vic Berdin (
Date: 2002-09-25 02:40:30 UTC

Hello Aron,

You can do this in /etc/pcmcia/network script's 'start' clause. You can either create and read a .conf file of your own wherein a 'bridge_wlan=YES' flag is set (or insert a new flag in network.opts), then do all the necessary bridging stuff based on the flag value. Or you can call a separate script that will do all the bridging stuff. On my case, I did the latter. I actually removed ALL original lines within the 'start' clause, and called upon another script where all my network interfaces (wired and wireless) are configured (raised/bridged/shutdown). Hence, the effect is that when a wireless card is popped in/out, all my network settings including
firewalling/routing/etc automatically adjusts.

HTH - Vic

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