Orinoco AP Mode (fwd)

From: Eric Johanson (ericj_at_cubesearch.com)
Date: 2002-09-25 01:31:55 UTC

I have not personally tested this yet, but it looks VERY cool.

I don't seem to have this key under windows XP, however...


This showed up on the Netstumbler.com forums and we just tested it at Hack Night.

/hkey/local machine/software/orinoco/driver/config00xxxx change APMODE=0 to APMODE=1

Casey was able to turn his win2k laptop into an access point with the lucent card. Apparently the driver has the ap firmware in it, and will download the the firmware into the card when this registry setting is changed.

Ken Caruso

"when in doubt tell the truth" -Mark Twain

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