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Date: 2002-09-23 20:30:44 UTC

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> We have it working using the hostap_pci driver + xsupplicant on the client, with a commercial RADIUS server and a commercial access point (Orinoco). The driver required slight modifications (see my message to this list on Sept. 19). The client device
is an IBM High Rate Wireless LAN MiniPCI (built-in 802.11b in the IBM Thinkpad.)
> My understanding is that the AP maintains per-client WEP keys which are generated once per 1x auth (and regenerated after some period of time, e.g. 1 hr) and a broadcast WEP key which is the same across clients (also regenerated after some period of tim

Are you sure that the keys are regenerated? What happens when a new key is broadcasted - does it affect client operation in any way (e.g., temporary packet loss etc).

I read that the session key is generated by the RADIUS server. I wonder what mechanism is used to update the key with a new one.

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> Hi,
> I'm trying to find information on wheter dynamic WEP keying actually works with xsupplicant-based client + hostap(d) + FreeRADIUS, but didn't find any direct references so far.
> Did anyone check that? What cards did you use for the client? Is the
> session key generated once per session, or is regenerated after some period of time?
> I'm running a fixed outdoor wireless network and mainly interested in a solution which would provide facilities to periodically generate and distribute new WEP keys to all stations.
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