Re: Odd behavior across a wireless router

From: Jason Herring (
Date: 2002-09-21 20:13:40 UTC

I've seen some strange behavior myself, though I haven't localized the problem yet.

I get alot of intermittant 'pauses' in file transfers, web page loading, retrieving email, telnet sessions, etc. If I 'reload' the page this is often resolved. The statistics from the Linux end look fine. The statistics on the Solaris box used as a firewall/NAT box look good, too.   It seems to be something between the Solaris box, the WAP11 that sits between (10bT direct to the Solaris box), and the Linux laptop w/ the wireless card (Addtron Prisim II). Signal strength is great. If I wait long enough (providing the connection doesn't time out) the transfer/session will eventually resume. It's darned annoying.

Doing ping tests, after awhile both the WAP11 and the Solaris box stopped responding to pings (simultaneously after about 7,000+ answers).   When I ctrl-C and restart the pings, only the Solaris box answers, so I wonder if the WAP11 has something (anti-DOS?) that is blocking my pings after awhile.

So far I've written it off to being too many variables to track down the problem - I'm running RH7.2 and had to install the wireless drivers pre-complied & thus get this message:

[root_at_miranda root]# iwconfig wlan0
Warning : Device wlan0 has been compiled with version 13 of Wireless Extension, while we are using version 12. Some things may be broken...

So I have been putting up with this for now in hopes that later releases of the respective software (driver, wireless utilities) will be of the same version & eliminate some potential incompatability...

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