Re: linksys wmp11 help..

From: Paul Erickson (
Date: 2002-09-20 22:32:25 UTC

FYI, just did the 1.4.9 firmware upgrade and the WMP11 works fine now with hostap_pci.

Re the CPU PCI version, I got the PCI 2.1 info from Intel's website searching for "430VX":

And then to verify, I found a utility at:

This reported PCI bus version 2.10. No probs with the DWL-520. FWIW, I compiled the hostap_pci with the HostAP 9/12/02 release using RedHat 7.3 kernel 2.4.18-10.

On Thursday 19 September 2002 11:19 am, Paul Erickson wrote:
> Jason,


> I can tell you I had no luck with the Linksys WMP11 (firmware 1.4.2) and
> hostap_pci. I put in a D-Link DWL-520 (not the plus version) and all is
> well now.

Yeah, v1.4.2 is known busted. I linked a utility to upgrade a LinkSys to v1.4.9 on my page. I haven't used it personally, though, but I've heard it does work.

> I have the DWL-520 working in an older Dell P133 with Intel 430VX chipset
> that is supposedly PCI 2.1 compliant (not PCI 2.2) and the card works
> I read somewhere that the DWL-520 won't work in a non-PCI 2.2 system, but
> it works for me.

That's interesting. I'm glad it works for you. My board is also around that
same time frame and only claims PCI v2.1, hence why I bought the LinkSys. Does it say somewhere definitively that it only supports up to PCI v2.1?

> Unfortunately it looks like D-Link discontinued the 520 and replaced it
> with the 520+ version - I don't know if the 520+ is a Prism-compatible
> chipset anymore - the specs on their website just talks about Texas
> Instruments DSP bla bla bla....

Yes, that's correct, it's a new chipset by someone else. (I forget who.) D-Link anything+ will not work with HostAP as far as I know. If you need more 520's, there's always Ebay I suspect. Or you can firmware upgrade the LinkSys if you didn't toss it.

> -- Paul


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