AW: HOw to set up bridge

From: Tilo Lutz (
Date: 2002-09-18 12:55:28 UTC


>> I want to set up a brige with my Compaq WL100 and
>> 3Com 3c906b network cards.
>> The hostap driver works well in Managed mode.
>> I can connect to other hosts in the wireless net.
>> But as soon as I switch to Master mode everythink is
>> silent.
>> As far as I know I have to put my WL-card in AP-Mode
>> in order to be able to brige my lokal network.
>> How can I setup my card to forward the traffiv to another
>> AP? I'Ve treid to use the repeater-mode but that also
>> doesn't work.

> **To Forward packets**
> use,
>   sysctrl -a |grep "net.ipv4.ip_forward"
> make sure that the value is set to "1"

I think you have misunderstood me. I know how to forward packets. The Problem his how can I send them from my AP to another?

wired_netA-----"Real AP" ~~~~~~~~~ "HostAP"----wired_netB I want to set my HostAP as a bridge so I can send data directly to wired_netA.


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