Re: Senao NL-2511CD + PCMCIA / PCI Adapter TI 1410 --> hfa384x_cmd - timeout - reg=0xffff

From: Eric Johanson (
Date: 2002-09-16 19:35:31 UTC

On Mon, 16 Sep 2002, Christian Zoffoli wrote:

> A little question... does anyone tried to couple a wireless card with
> another wireless card or a Firewire card in the same adapter ?

I can't help you with the firewire stuff, but on the wireless side:

If two cards are 'stacked' they will interfere with each other, regardless of channel setting. I was told (I'm foggy on the details) that it's because the cards have like a 40mhz carrier frequency they use internally.

However, two cards right _next_ to each other works ok.

I've used stacked cards with about ~1 inch between them with a far amount of success; the speed was impacted, but not by much. There was a pcb between each card, which I'm sure probably helped.

As for 'does this combo work with two cards in one adapter', I can't really help you. I was using separate controllers/boards for each. (rg1000's running linux). for photos.


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