Query on bridging with latest hostap

From: Vic Berdin (sndbeat_at_yahoo.com)
Date: 2002-09-16 12:14:04 UTC

Hello Everyone,

I've tried out the latest hostap-2002-09-12.tar.gz release. The build went smoothly on my 2.2.19 environment, and all wireless commands that I used to do with my old Prism2 release worked quite well. The problem I encountered with this latest release is when I bridged wlan0 with a wired device. What happens is that my wireless clients can't seem to detect that an AP is up. Results of "brcfg", iwconfig(v25), and ifconfig are all proper. I dunno, I did'nt have this problem before with my old Prism2-05-19 release. Has anyone encountered this problem?

TIA - Vic

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