RE: Abou WDS with hostap

Date: 2002-09-14 13:07:38 UTC

I thought that this was what was what WDS was for... and I have it working.

----(wired in) ---    v         v          v
			|   |         |          |
			host1       host2       client

both host 1 and host 2 are masters (iw_mode=3). Host1 has the DHCP and DNS services, and the firewall.
Setting the host to 00:00:00:00:00:00 when adding the WDS links didn't work, so I used the real hardware addresses.
Then I bridged wlan0 and wlan0wds0 on both host1 and host2. The firewall was then configured to connect eth0 to br0 on host1. The bridge network seems to figure out what I want, and I extended the range on the coverage a long way.

I (apparently mistakenly) assumed that WDS was some kind of master-master backchannel that I can dump packets down, to go back to the real master at the other end of the wds link.

Was I wrong?

There doesn't seem to be any noticeable problems - streaming video over the links works fine. Most clients associate to host2 because host1 is in a cupboard in the back of my house where the cable comes in. I looked at the packet traffic in the link when I brought it up and didn't see large numbers of spurious packets.

I did all of this because when I upgraded the driver on my windows laptop, it seemed to get less sensitive and the link to host1 was often broken, marking the cable as disconnected, and logging me out of MSN messenger. People get annoyed when those little boxes pop up more than 3 or 4 times a minute. Can the driver change the sensitivity (or reported sensitivity) given the same firmware?

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> I'm new to WDS features of hostap and I'd like to know if is possible to
> a machine with hostap act simultaneous as:
> 1) client for another ap (managed mode)
> 2) master for another machine (master mode)

Current version supports this only if you are using two cards in the same host (and please also note that managed mode does not allow link-layer bridge functionality).  

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