Re: 4 cards for a full duplex link ...possible ?

From: Xam R. Time (
Date: 2002-09-13 19:36:48 UTC

This has been done by Jonh Kozubik. Mail him at

His method used ibss/adhoc (avoid the use of ACK frames), obviously used channel diversity, and several fbsd netgraph modules (one2many, for example). I'm forgeting the deatils of config w/ netgraph, but I'd recommend mailing him anyway to get more details.

In any case, you're not really 'forcing' the card to only Tx or Rx, you're just never going to send a card frames that you wish to be Rx'ing. That is, the card is still a transciever, it's just going to obey the role you logicaly give it.


On Fri, 13 Sep 2002, Christian Zoffoli wrote:

> Hi to all.
> It there a way to configure a card only for trasmission or reception ? How ?
> Thanks to all.
> Christian

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