Re: RESOLVED! was: NetGear MA401, firmware 1.3.6, cannot use hostap mode, massive transmission errors, difficulty speaking to the rest of the network

From: Carlo Pires (
Date: 2002-09-13 13:04:26 UTC

Brian Capouch wrote:

> I haven't been able to get a sustained connection out of that driver,
> talking to any of a wide variety of access points, with my Lucent
> silver cards in about fifteen different computers.
> The first thing I do on a new install is blow those away. I can't
> believe something so dysfunctional seems to be the "canonical" driver
> for the Hermes-chipset cards.
> Does anyone here know the story on this deal? I don't know of a soul
> who has found it to work reliably, at least in the 2.4.x kernel series.

I'm not understanding the "buggy orinoco_cs driver". I use it with orinoco silver with a variety of access point and in Ad-Hoc mode and, yes! it works perfect! Excellent performance. The problem with orinoco_cs (IMHO) is Ad-Hoc mode with other fab cards (like prism2 cards). In this mode, the orinoco_cs not work well and the performance is terrible.

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