Starting and configuring HostAP on RedHat

From: John Croft (
Date: 2002-09-13 03:52:52 UTC

I have never seen this documented as a simple way to get RedHat to bring up and configure the hostap_pci module in one easy step, so:

Append to file: /etc/modules.conf
alias wlan0 hostap_pci
post-install hostap_pci \
  iwconfig wlan0 mode master && \
  iwconfig wlan0 channel 6 && \
  iwconfig wlan0 essid "my-wireless" && \   iwconfig wlan0 txpower 30mW && \
  iwconfig wlan0 nick hostap && \
  prism2_param wlan0 beacon_int 1000

Tested on RedHat 7.3 - using latest release hostap-2002-09-12.tar.gz on a DLink DWL-520 pci prism2.5 card. I had occasional failures to perform the setting of the <arg,value> pairs all on one invocation of iwconfig - hence the above.

An extension of this is to load and configure hostap_crypt_wep as well.

This works for me, however I bet there are other ways, which are probably more RedHat-ish. Anyone .... :-)


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