NetGear MA401, firmware 1.3.6, cannot use hostap mode, massive transmission errors, difficulty speaking to the rest of the network

From: PinkFreud (
Date: 2002-09-12 02:03:31 UTC

I'm using two NetGear MA401s, and seem to be having some difficulties. My gateway (a Digital Multia, P100) is using the HostAP driver and 2.4.19, as well as bridging eth0 (internal lan interface) and wlan0. My laptop is using 2.4.18's orinoco_cs driver.

Problem #1. hostap mode fails to work. I'm starting off with open authentication (both WEP and ACL), and the two cards cannot seem to find the other when the gateway is in master mode, and the laptop is in managed mode.

Problem #2. When using ad-hoc mode, my laptop can see the gateway and the internet. It cannot see the rest of my network. It looks like the laptop receives the ARP requests fine, and tries to send a response, which the gateway never receives for some reason.

Problem #3. /proc/net/dev shows a large amount of errors - almost as many errors as packets transmitted on the gateway (none for received), and almost as many erorrs as packets received on the laptop (a few for transmitted, but nothing near the other two). At time of writing, the counters look like this:

Receive (packets/errors): 12198/0
Transmit (packets/errors): 7022/6821

Receive (packets/errors): 21828/10878
Transmit (packets/errors): 37662/628

The numbers are off because I've reset the gateway's interface several times.

wlan0 on the gateway is bound with an RTL 8139 into bridge br0 (the 8139 shows no errors).

Any ideas why I seem to be experiencing these problems?


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