Re: How to get stats from the driver?

From: Victor Aleo (
Date: 2002-09-11 18:52:10 UTC

Anyone has done a C program to get the statistics from the file /proc/net/prism2/wlan#/stats?(since this seems the only way to get traffic statistics from the prism2 driver).

I know that this is maybe an off-topic but I am not an expert C programmer ;) I've read the lines of the file, but then I got the description of the parameter and the value in the same string! E.g:


I want to get the name of the parameter (TxUnicastFrames) and its value (1705).



Jouni Malinen wrote:

> On Wed, Sep 11, 2002 at 04:53:23PM +0200, Victor Aleo wrote:
> > The first problem is that the info provided by
> > /proc/net/prism2/wlan#/stats does not provide the number of bytes
> > transmitted and received by the AP, but only the total number of frames
> > (TxFragments and RxFragments).
> Eh? TxUnicastOctets, TxMulticastOctets, RxUnicastOctets,
> RxMulticastOctets..
> > Then, the correct question is: How can I do to fetch the total number of
> > transmitted and received bytes?
> See above or use wlan# netdev statistics. The driver increases the
> statistics in the Linux netdev and 'stats' in procfs is the sum from the
> CommTallies from the card firmware.
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