Linksys WPC11

From: Andrew Betson (
Date: 2002-09-11 12:52:22 UTC

I seem to locked in the struggle that (judging from the archives) loads of others have had. I have a couple of linksys wpc11 v3 cards with the 1.4.2 STA firmware....

Iv trired in vein to flash the cards (using win update it just says cards already updated) and now im tring to load the ram image as described here

this is what i get...


wlan2:/home/admin/hostap/utils # ./prism2_srec -r wlan0 rf010409.hex srec summary for rf010409.hex
Component: 0x001f 1.4.9 (station firmware) Supported platforms:

  0x800a 1.0.0,  0x800b 1.0.0,  0x800c 1.0.0,  0x800d 1.0.0,  0x8012 1.0.0
  0x8013 1.0.0,  0x8014 1.0.0,  0x8016 1.0.0,  0x8017 1.0.0,  0x8018 1.0.0
  0x801a 1.0.0,  0x801b 1.0.0,  0x801c 1.0.0,  0x8021 1.0.0,  0x8022 1.0.0
  0x8023 1.0.0,  0x800a 1.0.0,  0x800e 1.0.0,  0x8015 1.0.0,  0x8019 1.0.0
  0x801d 1.0.0,  0x8024 1.0.0

Separate S3 data areas:
  addr 0x007E1800..0x007ED199 (len 47514)
  addr 0x007F0800..0x007F1875 (len 4214)
  addr 0x007FE000..0x007FECE7 (len 3304)
Total data length: 55032 bytes
Start address 0x003f0c01

Wireless LAN card information:

  NICID: 0x801b v1.0.0
  PRIID: 0x0015 v1.1.0
  STAID: 0x001f v1.4.2

Verifying update compatibility and combining data: PDR 0x0406 not found from wlan card PDA. Using default data.   len=2: 64 00

Downloading to volatile memory (RAM).
ioctl[PRISM2_IOCTL_DOWNLOAD]: Operation not supported

Download failed!


Any suggestions or pointer...?




Andrew Betson

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