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Date: 2002-09-11 01:47:22 UTC

Thanks Jouni Malinen...

Yes, you right ... In AP I just test
iwpriv wlan0 kickmac 00:00:00:00:00:00 ... just for the test.. even though I have no client.. Thanks for your comment

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> All iwpriv command was working except kickmac command... please let me know...
> when I was issue
> # iwpriv wlan0 kickmac xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
> # Interface does not accept private ioctl error.
> why only kickmac command does not working ?? welcome to any comment..

Please include the full error message.. It would certainly have been useful in this case since that "Interface does not accept private ioctl error" is probably given from every ioctl error code..

I would guess that you are trying to kick a station for which the driver does not have any data. This will return an error and iwpriv will show that message and the real error on the next line. This is probably something like '8BF6: Invalid argument' in case the given address was not found. If you use an address for a station that has authenticated, kickmac should work fine.

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