Re: a few patches...

From: Gerald Britton (
Date: 2002-09-10 15:57:23 UTC

On Tue, Sep 10, 2002 at 06:36:28PM +0300, Jouni Malinen wrote:
> > The second patch (02-promisc)
> I would like to do some testing with this before applying it and return
> to this after getting the next release of the driver out.

I agree, it ought to be tested (which was why i posted it :). I wish there was a better understanding of the increase in errors floated up by this. I was initially confused until I noticed that linux-wlan-ng silences errors there too. I'm thinking this may be nice to do in monitor mode also.

> I really do hate the format of IEEE80211_PRISM, so using it in more
> places is not exactly what I would like to see. Unfortunately, it has
> been included in libpcap and Ethereal so it might be a bit difficult to
> change this. I would prefer to keep the header stuff simple and remove
> all the reduntant info.

I'd much prefer to just have the raw RX/TX headers rather than the blown up version. Perhaps having a tristate "arphrd" parameter which would do 802.11, 802.11 w/wlan-ng headers, 802.11 w/raw prism rx/tx headers.

It would be nice to have the tx headers available from userspace to have better control over packets injected as well.

> iwpriv monitor could be used to provide a backward compatible way of
> changing mode, but it might be OK to remove it (and keep the driver
> cleaner). I haven't tested IW_MODE_MONITOR, but hopefully it can be used
> also with older kernels and wireless tools.

I looked into keeping it and determined it would require a bit more state be kept by the driver since we're now checking if we're in monitor mode with iw_mode (and if monitor is disabled by iwpriv, where do we go back to). But it shouldn't be hard to keep it for compatibility.

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