How to disassociate a station from an user space program?

From: Victor Aleo (
Date: 2002-09-09 12:54:01 UTC

Hi to everybody!

I would really appreciate if you can tell me anything about the next problem. I want to implement a program (in the user space) that controls some APs actions. Basically I want to disassociate stations (whenever I want), gather statistics from the AP and from the associated stations and to manage the access control list of the AP.

My question is: How can I do that? I have installed succesfully the Prism2-2002-05-19 driver and my WLAN card works right. I thought that I could use the Wireless Extensions functions, but I have not found any function there to disassociate a station. Then, I guess the only way is to use the functions provided by the hostapd.c but there is no any function to disassociate a station neither. Is that right?

Thanks a lot for your time,


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