a few patches...

From: Gerald Britton (gbritton_at_doomcom.org)
Date: 2002-09-08 19:26:10 UTC

Three patches here all relative to recent CVS snapshots of the driver.

The first one (01-pci_suspend) is a possible fix for my pci suspend crash. It seems to do the right thing for suspend, but it's hard to tell if solves the crash as i'm still unable to reliably reproduce it, but this seems to be a better way of suspending/resuming than what we were doing before anyway.

The second patch (02-promisc) enables IFF_PROMISC and IFF_ALLMULTI as the drivers in linux-wlan-ng do. Seems to mostly work. When promiscuous mode is enabled, a lot of FCS errors get through and packets received on other ports (mostly port 5 it seems). I've silenced those errors when in promisc mode.

The final patch (03-new_monitor) is a little bit of a rework of the monitoring code. It moves monitoring to wlan#ap if hostapd is enabled (this allows the interfaces to remain with the same arp type most of the time). Also, I've added support for simply flipping between the IEEE80211 and IEEE80211_PRISM arp types for that interface with an iwpriv command (arphrd_prism). I figured the information in the rx header might potentially be useful to hostapd in some situations. Finally, it moves enabling/disabling of the monitor mode to the IW_MODE_MONITOR mode listed in the latest wireless extensions.

I tried to leave compatibility where I could in the patches, the old monitor mode iwpriv command has been removed though. Monitor mode acts as it did if hostapd is not enabled in the config though (changing the arp type on wlan0).

I have mostly tested these and they seem to work, but they could probably use a look over and perhaps some more testing.

The three patches are attached, and they are here:



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