Help!: Load distribution prototype

From: Victor Aleo (
Date: 2002-09-07 23:27:27 UTC


I am implementing a load distribution solution among WLAN cells. I would really appreciate if you can answer me the next question (is not a installation question, but an implementation one!):

I have 3 linux pcs (each one with a WLAN card). I have installed successfully the Prism2 driver and the Wireless Tools. Thus, I have done a WLAN network with 2 APs (Access Points) and 1 STA (station). The WLAN network works properly. Now, I have to implement the load mechanisms at the APs. Therefore I need to perform functions such as sending disassociation to the stations, gathering traffic statistics from the APs, adding STAs to the ACL list, etc.

Because the load mechanisms must be placed at the APs (each AP take a decision to reject the STAs associated to it in function of its load) I wonder which functions should I use to do these actions:

  1. Those provided by the driver (Prism2)
  2. Those provided by the Wireless Extensions

I am not a C expert programmer, but I have medium level notions. I have already taken a look to the code of the driver and the Wireless Extensions. For me it seems easier to use the Wireless Extensions functions, but I am not sure if this is the right decision.


Victor Aleo

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