No backlevel support for kernel 2.2.19

From: Giovanni Minniti (
Date: 2002-09-07 01:52:12 UTC

Hi list,

a few mails ago I reported an unresolved symbols trying to compile the latest CVS-driver against the 2.2.19 kernel and pcmcia-3.1.25.

To successfully load the driver with kernel 2.2.19, I have to change two functions:
dev_kfree_skb_any() ----> dev_kfree_skb() list_del_init() -------------> list_del() + INIT_LIST_HEAD()

After compiling time I got no unresolved symbols anymore

I got the driver up and running
loading with the sequence order below:


I am not a core developer, I got the above information searching around with Google.

Are this changes ok and if yes can this changes be implemented with a ifdef for kernels lesser than 2.4.x???


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