From: Erik Walthinsen (
Date: 2002-09-08 07:47:46 UTC

FYI, I'm working on putting all the relevant kernel-interface bits of hostapd into library form, with my primary intent being to use SWIG to generate Python bindings. Jouni, would you want to merge this into mainline eventually, with and hostapd just containing the main logic?

My goal with the Python bindings is to write hostapd in my MetaNet framework, so it can be closely integrated with other subsystems. An example cool feature would be to correlate associates with ARP, working with an anti-spoofing system. Another useful project would be to eventually have the depth of authentication backends that NoCat does, and be able to use that for hostap.

Actually, it would be useful to have a more general library, handling *all* the things you might do that are hostap specific. Though without having gone too far into hostap yet, it very well may be that hostapd does encompass everything that's unique about the hostap driver vs. other wifi drivers.

Long term goal is to eventually have SWIG-able libraries for all kernel networking ioctl/etc. interfaces, and if the original authors are amenable, rework all the userspace control programs (ranging from ifconfig to tc, etc.) to use and maintain those libraries.

For those interested, my OLS 2002 paper for MetaNet is at:

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