Re: frame writing with linksys wpc11

Date: 2002-09-05 18:56:29 UTC

Quoting Jouni Malinen <>:

> On Thu, Sep 05, 2002 at 11:02:52AM -0500, wrote:
> > i was trying to send out some frames too, but i got some error from the
> kernel
> > like the following:
> > wlan0: TXEXC - fid=0x03ac - status=0x0001 ([RetryErr]) tx_control=002e
> >
> > retry_count=0 tx_rate=0 fc=0x0800 (Mgmt::0)
> > addr1=... addr2= ... addr3= ...
> > Could not find STA for this TX error
> Sending with what? Host AP driver should not be sending Mgmt::0
> (association request) frames, so I assume you are using some sort of
> frame injecting(?) RetryErr means that the card did not receive ACK for
> the frame from the destination (addr1 in that message). Did you have an
> AP with that address and was addr1 == addr3 in that frame?

I am trying to inject frames by using the inject which is provided with the code, the
  addr1=00:07:0e:b9:1f:4d add2=00:23:45:67:89:ab addr3=00:40:96:5a:a1:a1 i have a wireless card with mac address as addr1, and a access point with addr3. they are in the same BSSID. does addr1 have to equal addr3? i also tried to send the frame to the access point, which means addr1=addr3, but i got the same error. do i have to make the addr2 the same as my linksys wpc11 card, the one i am using right now is faked.

another problems i have now is that i was able to get the error message by using 4-19 version to do the injecting, when i switch to 5-04 version, i got nother from dmesg . why that ?
 i also saw somebody talking about using wlan0ap to inject frames, how can i do it in that way ? i am new here, not very familiar with it yet.   thansk a lot for the help.

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