Re: frame capture, DWL900AP Point to Point link

From: Xam R. Time (
Date: 2002-09-05 15:34:14 UTC

On Wed, 4 Sep 2002, Jason Boxman wrote:

> The setup is two D-Link DWL900APs (non plus) on channel 7 in Point to Point
> mode. Frames were captured with a LinkSys WPC11 Prism2 based card using
> HostAP from yesterday's CVS in monitor mode 2 with tethereal and CVS of
> libpcap.

Like Jount mentioned, catching the 'power-up' phase of the AP's 802.11-side activity would be very helpfull. Also, it appears as though you were running one as an AP, and the other as an AP client... are you sure you were using the non-AP PtP/PtMP modes of the AP's?

Even if you were not, catching the AP/AP-Client mode traffic would be an excelent addition to the growing body of knowledge regarding the (apparent) WDS trickery employed by such AP's.


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