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From: R Selvaraj (
Date: 2002-09-05 05:46:29 UTC

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I've implemented one HostAP Driver. I didn't reffer Jouni's Host AP Driver. But my query is how to retrive Firmware version, in dot.3 (x.y.z) format, using the PRISM OID's. Because I've got a D-Link 650 WLAN NIC but I don't know the exact version of the Sta and Pri Firmware inside that. I just want to know. That's it.

OID FD02 gives the folowing info(So I guess Pri F/W version as 1.0) PRI Identity :- CompID=21, Variant=5, Major Version = 1, Minor Version= 0

OID FD20 gives the following info( So I guess Sta F/W version as 1.3) STA Identity :- CompID=31, Variant=4, Major Version = 1, Minor Version= 3

Since most of u are specifying the version in x.y.z. I wonder how come u find the Firmware version in 3 octets while the NIC gives that info only in x.y format.

> Jason Boxman <>Reply-To:
> Re: Firmware VersionDate: Tue, 3 Sep 2002 08:36:38 -0400
>On Tuesday 03 September 2002 05:21 am, R Selvaraj wrote:
>> Hi,
>> From some of the previous mail I could able to find specifying the firmware
>> version in x.y.z format. But from my NIC I could only able to retrive the
>> firmware version in x.y format, ie 2 octets only. And I couldn't able to
>> get the third octet. Is there any way to obtain the full version Info, ie
>> in 3 octets, from the NIC ?? Pls let me know. FYI: I'm using PRISM WLAN
>> NIC. And, I'm retriving the OID FD20 for Station firmware version. The
>> version of station firmware in my WLAN NIC is found to be 1.3
>Is HostAP only returning dot.2 length versions? (x.y) Are you seeing the
>version from some other program or driver?
>> Thanks,
>> Selva.
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