Re: incoming OK, but no outgoing packets...

From: Ted Phelps (
Date: 2002-09-03 22:08:05 UTC

Kevin Matthews may have said:
> I took a closer look at my setup and have it working now. I had
> tried bridging before, but it kept breaking my setup where I had a
> machine on my internal lan forwarded out to the Internet. I stopped
> trying to use a bridge and thought I could just focus on at least
> getting the host to talk to the AP directly. I did not realise that
> I HAD to have a bridge set up to get it to work even between the two
> machines. I though it was only if I wanted wlan0 to talk to the
> outside. The solution was to bridge my eth0 and wlan0 (both
> internal machines) on bridge "eth2" and then setup the firewall to
> forward "eth2". Your reply made me take a second look at bridging.
> Thanks.

Glad to hear it's working! :-)

I'm a bit worried that you ended up needing to use a bridge though. You shouldn't need one in the set-up you describe above (you could manage with the routing tables), and you certainly shouldn't need one simply for the AP to talk to an associated STA. I'd be curious to know what was going wrong, but if it works...


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