Wireless card stopped working after a long-term high load

From: Lei chuanhua (ch_lei_at_powermatic.com.sg)
Date: 2002-09-03 01:27:24 UTC

Hi, all

    I have been daunted for a long time because of the following case,    Enviornment(bridging),
    wireless clients(1...6)<====> HOSTAP(v0.8.3)<=====>wired pcs    Steps,

  1. Wireless to wired PCs, using iperf or other tcp testing tools, under heavy traffic. After a few hours(sometimes 30min, sometimes 12 hours), HOSTAP stopped working while other parts worked properly in the system. I checked it carefully, and found that no interrupts coming in. However, after the card stops working, if I call hfa384x_reset_port(disable, and enable card), interrupt comes again. And it can work properly now. 2, 3, wired pcs to wireless or both have similiar problems
  2. Ping test no problem(large packet 65500), it can work 2 days at least under ping test At first , I suspect hostap driver has a problem. But I use the agere/orinoco card wiht firmware-based AP to test the same case in the same hardware platform, and it also failed. Once again, I suspect my hardware has a problem. The key problem is, after the card stopped working, how the card can work again if I disable first, then enable wireless card. Even if I can solve the problem by using hfa384x_reset_port, where should I call it? I've tried to spawn one task to call it every 30 mininutes, but I failed. Anybody has a similar problem? Any comment or idea will be greatly appreciated! hualab

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