hostap_cs driver is working slow

From: Giovanni Minniti (
Date: 2002-09-02 11:00:39 UTC

Hi list,

I have successfully compiled the latest stable driver Prism2-2002-05-19 (not the CVS one, see later on) and it is running on a 2.2.19 kernel with pcmcia-cs-3.1.25.

There is no difference in speed and error messages if I am using the WEP104 or not I am getting every time the same error messages repeatedly and the internet link is very slow.

Here my error log from sysdlog:

hostap_cs: wlan0: resetting card
prism2_pccard_cor_sreset: original COR 41
prism2_hw_config: initialized in 9957 interations
TIM AID 1 setting (set=0) failed
hfa384x_cmd: timeout on waiting pendig TX wlan0: hfa384x_set_rid: CMDCODE_ACCESS_WRITE failed (res=-110)

I have tried to compile the latest CVS code I get lost with the compiler include error saying It cannot find the include file net/iw_handler.h

I compiled the latest wireless extension V23 without problems with header signatures. I need a lic5 library, 2.2.19 kernel and pcmca-cs-3.1.25.

Does anyone know how can I solve this problems.

Any help is greatly apreciated!

best regards

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