RE: Multicast a 1.5Mbit stream from AP generate a lot of INFDROP event

From: Sunny Lai (
Date: 2002-08-28 05:23:12 UTC

> > I use Prism2-2002-05-19.tar.gz. And I use linksys WDT11+WPC11ver.3.
> Latest CVS snapshot from might help a bit with
> INFDROP events (assuming they are generated due to CommTallies).

I try the lastest CVS, but it don't solve the INFDROP. and some how the card hang up, I need to reboot..

> > By the way, I don't have any station in PS mode. Why does the
> driver send
> > mulitcast traffic in DTIM interval??? Can I adjust it??
> It is the firmware delaying the sending of multicast/broadcast frames. I
> do not configure this at all, but if they are indeed delayed, it might
> default to such behavior. However, I do not know whether it would be
> possible to change this somehow. Currently the only thing somewhat
> related to this is TIM setting, but other than that, there is no
> information about PS station given to firmware (unless it snoops info
> from data frame headers).

Do you mean, the driver pass all packet no matter multicast or unicast to the firmware, then the firmware descide when to send?? Is there any material on the web, so I can know more on the programming of this chip or card??



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