Re: CVS version hangs the computer

From: Ricardo Galli (
Date: 2002-08-27 23:14:31 UTC

On Tuesday 27 August 2002 20:01, Ricardo Galli shaped the electrons to say:
> > I saw identical case in my latest test setup with WEP and bridging. The
> > fix I just commited to CVS removed the crash in my test setup, so I
> > would assume that it also fixes the problem you have seen.
> I've trying for a while. It _seems_ the problems is solved, but:
> If you run wavemon at the same time I ping (-f) from a machine in the
> ethernet to another in the wlan (bridged), the machine dies.
> I also tried with the last wavemon version (0.3.3) and compiled in the same
> AP machine (a RedHat7.2) with the updated kernel modules with similar
> results.
> Then I thought, what about executing iwconfig? The machine dies too... so I
> think is a driver problem.
> If I'll continue with the test, to check if the machine also dies during
> high load without executing iwconfig or wavemon.

Confirmed, after hours of ping-flooding from end to end without a glitch, the problem seems to reside in a race condition in the interface syscalls (wavemon and iwconfig kill the machine if run at the same time of a ping flood).


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