WMP11 with WEP enabled (Linux debian)

From: Harry Westerman (hwesterman_at_cistron.nl)
Date: 2002-08-23 17:52:14 UTC

Hello everyone,

This is fun! I build a little firewall box out of an old PII333 machine. Put in three networkcards (internet, local lan, and dmz) and now I bought an Linksys WMP11. It took some yelling and screaming before it worked, but now it does!

I got it all working using Debian Stable, after quite some experiments with the LEAF Bering one-floppy distribution with the hostap_pci.o that Jacques Nilo compiled. This version was probably not compiled with the right headers (complained about version 12 <> version 13) and it crashed my firewall hard.

Now I used Debian Stable, and I got everything working. I did have to compile my own kernel before the latest hostap stopped complaining when insmodded it. But ok.

Only.. When I enable WEP, I got this nice message (and no packets getting through:)

Aug 23 19:32:23 firewall kernel: wlan0: association request: from 00:02:2d:6a:2b:03 to 00:06:25:a7:a8:6b len=21
Aug 23 19:32:23 firewall kernel:   capability=0x0001, listen_interval=1 - old AID 1
Aug 23 19:32:23 firewall kernel: protocol 0016 is buggy, dev wlan0

Any ideas?

Greetings from the Netherlands,
Harry Westerman

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